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Booking Your Camp

Flower Ridge - Courtesy of Anna & Dave Osmond In summary, here are the details of this year's camp/hike:

  • We are hiking in Strathcona Park and staying at Strathcona Park Lodge on north Vancouver Island in British Columbia
  • Camp dates and remaining availability are shown below
  • Camp fees are $1,125 per person per week
    (GST is included; membership is not included)
Booking and Registration Process

To book your camp, you must complete and submit a Registration Form.

The interactive form can be filled out electronically using Adobe Acrobat Reader after the download is completed. Submission is electronic or the form may be printed and emailed or mailed.

Then, send a $200 deposit and include a post-dated cheque for the balance dated April 15th. If you cannot include a post-dated payment (e.g. if you are paying by Interac or PayPal), the payment must be made in full. See payment and options below.

No booking is complete until the registration form, deposit and post-dated payment are received by the Registrar.

Once booking is confirmed, a confirmation letter, with detailed trip information, will be sent to you.

No registration is complete until waiver and/or consent forms are signed.  The following documents are available for review:


Camp Dates in 2021 Remaining
1 July 12 to 16 Full
2 July 19 to 23 2
3 July 26 to 30 5
4 August 2 to 6 Full
5 August 9 to 13 Full
6 August 16 to 20 Full

Registrations are open to everyone, however, at least 67% of bookings per camp are reserved for returning hikers until February 1. Afterwards, registrations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Payment Options

Skyline Hikers can accept payment denominated in Canadian dollars. All payments should be made out to "Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies" or "Skyline Hikers" or "SHCR".

Residents of Canada:

  • Personal cheque
  • Postal or bank money order
  • Interac e-transfer (contact the Registrar for instructions)
  • PayPal (see below)

Non-residents of Canada:

  • Postal or bank money order in Canadian dollars
  • Cashier's cheque or bank draft (also known as teller's or bank cheque) in Canadian dollars
  • Wire transfer in Canadian dollars (contact the Registrar for instructions)
  • Personal cheque (US residents only) in US dollars and if the funds are insufficient after converting to Canadian dollars, you will be notified
  • PayPal (see below)

If you wish to use PayPal, add a 3% service charge to the total on your registration form and click on the link below to pay. Payment must be made in Canadian Funds (CAD).

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

Payments are subject to cancellation fees (see the registration form for details). Any monies paid cannot be carried forward to future years.

You may want to consider the purchase of appropriate insurance to cover against your cancellation of participation. Some vendors of trip cancellation insurance include auto clubs (e.g., CAA and affiliates), insurance companies and financial institutions (e.g. Co-operators, RBC Insurance), and travel agencies. There are also online sources for trip interruption insurance such as,,,, or


Membership in the Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies is valid from July 1st through to June 30th of the following year.

Those who have attended previous annual camps and are not participating in this year's camp are invited to maintain their status as a member in good standing through membership renewal. The annual membership fee is $20.00 per person ($40.00 per family).

Please use this membership form to renew your membership.

As a member of the Skyline Hikers you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Receive advance notice of registration for annual camp and hike program.
  • Receive information bulletins and circulars, including annual newsletter.
  • Help sustain Skyline Hikers as a not-for-profit organization.

Lifetime members receive a membership certificate and no longer have to pay the annual membership fee. Lifetime membership is automatically granted if you've attended ten (10) or more camps. Lifetime membership can also be purchased for $200.00 but you must have attended at least three (3) camps.

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