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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Skyline provide?

  • Transportation to the lodge and return to Comox / Campbell River.
  • Accommodations at Strathcona Park Lodge, including all meals and packed lunches.
  • Transporation to trailheads for day hikes.
  • Camp coordinators.
  • Day leaders for hikes.
  • Evening campfire program.
  • Emergency communications.

Photo courtesy of Robert VanderzweerdeWhat do I bring?

  • Sturdy hiking boots - waterproofed and well broken in, plus several pairs of light and heavy socks.
  • Rubber boots and casual shoes for after the hike.
  • Hiking pack for the day's necessities - including water bottle and extra clothing.
  • Clothing - layering is recommended for comfort in extremes of mountain weather (e.g. everything from shorts to a sweater and winter jacket).
  • Personal toiletries - including insect repellent, biodegradable soap, towels and sun protection.

Click here to see a recommended list of items to bring.

What about drinking water?

  • Water at the lodge is safe to drink.
  • Water in the streams in the mountains is usually unsafe to drink because of the presence of Giardia bacteria (resulting in Giardiasis or "Beaver Fever" which is a serious medical condition).

Do you handle special dietary requirements?

  • Some special dietary needs may be accommodated.
  • If you are on a gluten-free, lactose-free or other diet, have allergies, diabetes, etc., please indicate that on your registration form so we can help you make an informed decision about whether the available food will meet your needs.

How cold does it get?

  • It may go below freezing at night, and mornings and evenings in camp are cool, so layered clothing, gloves and hats are essential. Daytime temperatures are usually pleasant, but it can be cool and windy at high altitudes.


Is membership required to attend camp?

  • You are not required to be a member prior to registering to attend any one of the five camps held annually.
  • When you register to attend a camp, membership is included as part of the package.

What are the age limits?

  • Anyone 8 years and older are invited to participate in a camp. The Skyline Hikers encourages the participation of youth in wilderness camping and recreational hiking.
  • Persons 8 to 17 years of age must be accompanied to camp with an adult (i.e., parent, grandparent, relative, etc.)
  • All persons participating in a camp must be in good health, have no mobility or mental impairments, and be capable of participating in program of daily hikes offered.

Am I fit enough?

  • The easiest hikes are between five and ten kilometers on mountain trails with some steep hills. If you are able to comfortably hike a similar distance on your local trails you should be okay.

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