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Getting There (and Back)


Photo courtesy Robert VanderzweerdeThe nearest international airport is in Calgary. International travellers will need to clear customs and immigration when arriving in Calgary from foreign countries. All visitors to Canada require a passport. There are many hotels near the airport, most with a free shuttle bus to/from the airport.

Canmore is about 110 km west of Calgary; bus and limo services are available, including regular service from the Calgary airport.

Golden, BC is about 280 km west of Calgary and Donald, BC is located about 30 km west of Golden.

Parking and Pick-up Points

Overnight parking in Canmore or Golden is scarce. So Skyline Hikers recommends that hikers try to use one of the alternates below:

  • Car pool with other hikers from your originating destination
  • Car pool with other hikers from Calgary & leave your vehicle there
  • Have family or friends drop you off & pick you up
  • Choose hotels that accommodate 1 week parking

Parking is allowed at the helipad in Donald.

You must notify your Trip Coordinator of your pick-up point at least two weeks before the trip start date (earlier if possible) or your intent to drive and park at the heliport.

The bus pick-up points are as follows:

  • Calgary at the Acclaim Hotel at at 6:00 am
  • Canmore Visitor Information Centre (time is TBD)
  • Golden (location and time is TBD)
  • Donald heliport at 10 am (helicopter departures are at 11 am sharp)

Hikers should avoid tight travel arrangements for their continued trip home.


You will need accommodation and meals for the night before the hike (including breakfast on the morning of departure). Reservations need to be made well in advance. Hikers return in the afternoon and, depending on personal travel arrangements, may also need a hotel room for this night.

See more details on the Staying There page.

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