Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies

2023 at Campbell Icefield Chalet

Situated in the Canadian Rockies due north of Golden, British Columbia (BC), at 2120 meters elevation, the chalet sits at the tree line in a sunny south-west facing bowl, between Mt. Allan Campbell and the Campbell Icefield, in the headwaters of Bluewater Creek.

Summer hiking options included alpine meadows, ridge walking or getting up close to one of the frozen water-towers of western Canada, Campbell Icefield.

The chalet is only accessible by helicopter from the heliport in Donald, BC. This helicopter ride was included in your adventure package.

Due to availability, Skyline Hikers offered four trips in July with either three-night or four night catered stays.

Trips left from and returned to the Acclaim Hotel near the Calgary airport hotel, with pickups in Canmore, Alberta and Golden, BC, before heading to the heliport to be whisked up to the chalet. Hikers could also opt to drive and park at the heliport.

Campbell Icefield Chalet worked on a different trip schedule to Skyline Hikers, thus their hospitality offered Skyline Hikers three (3) nights or four (4) nights in the lodge.

This year’s trip dates were:

July 7 to 10 (3 nights)
July 10 to 14 (4 nights)
July 14 to 17 (3 nights)
July 17 to 21 (4 nights)

Photos used with permission from Campbell Icefield Chalet