Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies

Staying There

You may need accommodation and meals for the night(s) before your trip begins (including breakfast on the morning of departure). Booking early is recommended for accommodations during the busy summer tourist season.

Hikers return in the afternoon and, depending on personal travel arrangements, may also need a hotel room for this night.

Hikers should avoid tight travel arrangements for their continued trip home.

Hotel in Calgary

The Acclaim Hotel is near the Calgary Airport (123 Freeport Boulevard NE). Parking costs $9/day and you must register your car and pay at the front reception desk.

For hotel rooms, we are arranging a discounted rate for Skyline Hikers. We’ll post details as soon as we can.

Hotels near Pick-Up Locations

These guides may help for staying in Banff, Canmore or Lake Louise (note that there is no scheduled bus pick-up in Banff or Lake Louise yet).

If you wish to find something at a lower cost in the mountain towns, the YWCA Banff Hotel or B&Bs are good alternatives.

Campgrounds are available in the Banff area. Contact Travel Alberta for more information on where to stay.