Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies


Skyline Hikers, as a not-for-profit organization, is totally dependent on volunteers to plan, organize and operate its annual camp and hike program. If you enjoy the camp and hike program that Skyline Hikers offers, and want to see it continue into the future, consider lending a hand. No matter how much time you can devote and the talents you can bring to the table, every little bit counts, whether you live far or near.

There is currently a critical need to expand the cadre of volunteers on various Standing Committees, and on the Council and Executive. A large volunteer base allows for a seamless ongoing succession on committees, and in key leadership positions. Mentorship is available for all positions, so be assured that you will have guidance. As well, a monetary refund of up to $100 is available for key positions.

A Volunteer Committee has been established to facilitate the recruitment and deployment of volunteers from within the membership. Please contact them to volunteer and for more information about available positions.

The email address of the Volunteer Committee is

Below are some of the volunteer positions open at this time. Please — step up and lend a hand! More hands, more minds equals lighter workload!

Help Wanted! Mentors Available!

Equipment Committee Chair & Members

  • Chair: Organizes others to ensure that camp equipment is repaired and stored during the off-season, and then delivered for in advance of fence and camp set-up.
  • Members needed to help with:
    • Electric Fence
    • Tents
    • Kitchen Appliances & Hot Water
    • Water Systems
    • Waste Systems
    • Tools and Supplies/Fuels (excluding propane)
    • Communication Systems
    • Monitor propane usage

Camp Committee Members

  • Members needed for:
    • Fly-Out co-ordinator
    • On the ground support during fly-in (July 2 and 3, 2020)
    • On the ground support during fly-out (August 20, 2020)
    • Camp remediation (September)
    • Trail remediation (September)

Marketing & Publicity Committee Chair & Members

  • Chair: Identifies marketing and publicity opportunities, organizes ambassadors, and establishes and maintains relationships with other hiking clubs.
    Members needed:

    • Western Canada Ambassador lead
    • Western North American Marketing representative

Finance Committee Chair

  • Participates in annual financial review and camp fee setting analysis and recommendations.

Standing Committees

These are our standing committees and new members are always welcome:

  • Camp: Help organize in-camp volunteers, check-in and orientation, bussing, parking, set-ups, fly-in/out, tear-down, and trail and camp remediation as well maintain all guidelines and ERP.
  • Equipment: Help prepare and maintain equipment for upcoming camps.
  • Liaison: Participate in meetings and negotiations with government agencies, caterers and horse outfitters.
  • Marketing & Publicity: Help identify marketing and publicity opportunities in your local area.
  • Membership Services: Assist in sales of pins, crests and garments and help run the Photo and Literary contests.
  • Volunteer: Identify and recommend volunteers to other Committees and create programs to solicit/recruit and recognize/reward/acknowledge volunteers
  • New Sites: Explore new areas for the Skyline Hikers.