Locations for Future Hikes

We are evaluating locations for upcoming hikes.

Based on Parks Canada guidelines, a site inside the Banff National Park may only be used only once every 5 years. Since several sites are shared with the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies, this means that many sites are only available once every 10 years.

From 2019 to 2021, Parks Canada updated their plans for the next ten years (tabled in Canada’s House of Parliament). This plan contains several provisions that affect Skyline Hikers and we are working with Parks Canada to clarify the impact on the organization. Therefore, no sites for future camps have yet been agreed.

Also, Skyline Hikers is re-evaluating their strategic plans in preparation for the organization’s activities up to 2033, our 100th Anniversary. In additional to our traditional backcountry camps, we are exploring the use of backcountry lodges.

If you wish to part of this planning process, please contact us.